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Innovative marketing isn't enough. The best marketing and sales in the world doesn't mean a thing if the engine behind it is broken. We help companies build, scale and grow with strategic marketing and operational advising to get your business tuned and ready for prime time. Pete & Seth Talbott are the perfect combination of OLD school and NEW school…blending traditional radio and TV advertising with leading edge technology, systems and infrastructure.

As Co-founders, our latest success, Relief Factor, is a perennial Inc 5000 honoree for being one of the fastest growing private companies in America...37th fastest growing in retail, on average having doubled in size every year.

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Old School
New School

Old School

  • Building targeted Marketing Plans since 1977
  • Industry-leading radio and TV ads
  • Building sustainable and robust sales pipelines that create marketplace change industry-wide
  • Identifying the "voice of the customer" and shaping strategy to match target audiences
  • Advocating for clients as if we were the owners
  • Asking his wife's permission to take naps since he hit 60

New School

  • Strategic blending of the art and science of entrepreneurial innovation
  • Extensive testing to open up new markets and challenge status quo
  • Crafting a brand strategy through extensive testing to be the ideal solution to a customer's needs.
  • Deploying the latest in technology to reduce operational costs and scale for growth
  • Isn't afraid of asking for directions

We’ve been successful because we blend both Old and New School approaches to differentiate our companies in markets that tend to only focus within their generational comfort zone. Companies are often either run by younger owners that never consider traditional marketing approaches like radio or TV, or by older owners who are intimidated by new technology, and then miss out on opening new markets, cost reduction, and scaling for growth.
It's not Old vs New School, but Old + New School
We understand what you've gone through.

We've started and sold our own companies and had our share of sleepless nights and mediocre success. Hitting singles is ok, but home runs can create generational wealth.

A few questions to ask yourself about how prepared you are for growth.

  • MARKET RESEARCH: Do you have reliable up-to-date external data?
  • STRATEGIC PLANNING: Do you have a well-designed and documented marketing plan?
  • BRAND DEVELOPMENT: Have you competitively positioned your brand?
  • PROMOTION: Is your communication strategy properly targeted and memorable?
  • SALES: Do you have a proactive sales plan in place with a well-trained sales force?
  • SERVICE: Do you have customer service policies and procedures in place?
  • INFRASTRUCTURE: Does your internal operation support your marketing?
  • TRACKING: Do you consistently and accurately measure your performance?

Our Process

Our process is designed to create marketing that works quickly. And yet, we believe (and know from experience) that the most important breakthroughs in your marketing come after it’s launched and we see real customers responding.


In depth discovery harnesses the knowledge you need to create your brand’s fundamental building blocks and develop a strategy that finally moves the needle for your business.


We’ve combined business intelligence with world-class creativity. Why? Because with creation at the center of our process, it becomes a formula for marketing that can transform your business and create a foundation for sustainable growth for years to come.


The world is littered with advertising campaigns that win awards at galas but fall short in the measure that counts most: the ROI of your marketing investment.

Seth Talbott - CEO

Seth Talbott is a CEO and serial entrepreneur working at the crossroads of business and technology who started his career in IT and software development over 25 years ago. Seth is a "40 Under 40" Award Winner, Co-Founding CEO of Relief Factor (an Inc 5000 "Fastest Growing Private Companies in America" honoree), speaker, teacher and startup advisor. Over that span he has run a global data center for a major SaaS HR software company, been CEO of a group of award winning medical clinics and started numerous companies including Relief Factor (Inc 5000 winner, ranking 37th fastest growing retail company in its inaugural year as an honoree), and AtomOrbit which VentureBeat named as one of the most innovative Early-stage Startups in the 2013 Innovation Showdown in Cloud software. He has been all over the world to consult and advise with some of the largest companies in the world, including AT&T, Microsoft, Vodafone, Citi, Wells Fargo, Target, and the British Ministry of Defense, just to name a few.

Seth also co-founded HonorBound Coffee with his father Pete, a subscription-based premium coffee company that donates 100% of its profits to US servicemen and their families through the Semper Fi Fund and other similar charities.  Having reached profitability within its first year, it was able to donate tens of thousands of dollars this past year.

Pete Talbott - Founder & Managing Partner

Pete Talbott started off his early career as a professional singer in his late teens, hosted his own cable talk show at the age of 18, founded Five Loaves and Two Fish, Co in 1974, followed by 12 Baskets Restaurants in 1976, 12 Baskets Catering in 1977, and 12 Baskets Distributors in 1978.

Pete then founded the Talbott Group as a boutique advertising and production agency. He has nearly 50 years of entrepreneurial experience in starting and successfully managing numerous businesses…from retail and professional services to healthcare products and services.

In 2008, Seth joined his dad by working with a number of Talbott Group clients and companies. Most recently, as co-founders of RELIEF FACTOR (Seth as CEO and Pete as Marketing Director) they created one of the most impressive and fastest growing companies in America, on average doubling in size all eight years since they began.

Through The Talbott Group, Pete has also created, produced and promoted over 4,000 seminars, workshops, conferences and tours. He has also produced over 14,000 hours of live or recorded radio programs, while personally hosting and/or moderating over 5,000 of those hours.

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